How it Works

Chic Policies

Baby Chic NY only accepts items which are in EXCELLENT and working condition.  Please make sure everything is “ready to sell” when dropped off at the store.  All toys / gear must have working batteries.  Should your items contain weak or dead batteries, a fee will be applied per toy / gear.


  • Clothing should be freshly laundered, preferably in an unscented detergent.
  • Please DO NOT bring any items on hangers, unless it is a special original hanger.
  • All apparel must be neatly folded or laid flat and wrinkle free.
  • All buttons should be buttoned, zippers zipped, snaps snapped.  You get the idea!
  • Shoes should be like new, free of ANY scuff marks and no wear and tear!

Items such as onesies, hats , socks, bibs, baby mitts, and burp cloths will NOT be inventoried!  These low profit items are tedious to hang, tag and display and often are displayed in discount buckets in the store. The pennies that are made on such items will contribute to the budget for marketing and advertising your higher ticketed items. Consider them a donation to the store.   We thank you!


  • All gear MUST be cleaned thoroughly.  Wipe down items and shake out all the crumbs!  *Don’t forget the wheels and straps* (Also, please launder fabric if possible.)
  • All items MUST meet all current safety standards.
  • Car seats over 4 years old are NOT accepted at Baby Chic NY.  They will be discarded without further notice.
  • If possible, please include any or all manuals, assembly instructions, and / or extra parts.


Cribs, Changing Tables, Dressers, Armoires, Bassinets, Cradles, Rockers/Gliders, Lamps, Book Shlefs, Etc…

  • Please do not bring in any large items without calling ahead!  We are limited on space and would not want to turn you away.
  • All furniture must be dropped off assembled with the exception of cribs.  Any items brought unassembled will incur an assembly fee.  (Make sure you include all screws, nuts, and bolts!!) If there are any issues with your item(s), you will be charged an additional fee!


Consignors will receive 50% of the inventoried price, or 60% of the inventoried price if used as a credit toward in store purchase.

Checks will be issued the following month after an item is sold.  Payouts occur ONLY during the last week of the month. Credits however are available for use immediately after the sale.  Baby Chic NY does not mail consignor checks; they must be picked up in store (some exceptions may apply).  There is a maximum payout of $200 per month.  *A $1.00 processing fee will be issued per consignment pay-out.    

All checks that have not been deposited after 90 days will be voided and consignor forfeits these funds.

All funds in account expire after one year.


Conignment contracts are 3 months long and begin the day a tag is created for a piece. After 3 months, you may pick up your goods (pick items off shelf and see front desk) or items can be donated. If you disregard our notices, items become Baby Chic NY property and we reserve rights to donate or discard. Items removed from the store before contract is up results in a 50% stocking fee. We may choose to continue to display your items if we are confident they will sell.

When dropping off…

We use an advanced scanning system to track items and sales.  Customer codes are issued to each consignor and items will be labeled accordingly.

We work on a first come first serve basis.  We do not sort through your items at the time of drop off.  Please make sure items are bagged and sealed.  We will label each bag / item with your customer ID#.  We will then review them in order of receipt.

It is your responsibility as the consignor, to know exactly what you are dropping off!

In an attempt to be “green”, Baby Chic NY is a paperless business!  We will not distribute printed item lists.  We will give you a receipt ONLY upon request.

We will NOT call you to pick up any dirty, broken, stained, torn, worn items / gear.  Items dropped off in poor condition will be discarded or donated without any further notice.

You may opt for us to donate your unwanted items, or you may return to pick them up within 48 hours. We do not have the space to hold your items for any longer.  Only ONE attempt will be made to contact you before we donate your items.


Some items may be stored if there is an overstock of a particular item or clothing size.

At Baby Chic NY there are NO CONSGINOR FEES!  There is a per item fee worked into the sale price to cover labels, ink, hangers, etc.  This Price does NOT affect you as a consignor; it is added on to the price of the item being purchased. THE BUYER PAYS THE FEE, not you as a consignor!


Baby Chic NY will price all items on consignment.  Please be aware that your high ticket items will be sold for much LESS than you paid.  Your items may be immaculate, CHIC, have tags and be much loved, but they are not new!  Remember that we are a discount store and tend to beat the price of online stores or auctions. Please do not suggest prices.  We know how to price an item and make it sell.  A good consignor drops off their items consistently and while the items are still CURRENT and in demand. You will make money on these items.   Just think BULK and not about individual items.

Sales, Promos and Discounts may be made at our discretion at anytime. Special sales occur weekly.  They sometimes range up to 75% off storewide.

What to consign

All Children’s items ages 0-5. ANYTHING useful or fun for mommies and their new babies! Think equipment/slings/clothes/toys/strollers/car seats, ect….

We prefer quality items, but we accept a limited amount of “discount brands”. We choose to display only 10-15% discount retail brands (for example):

If your drop off is MORE than 15% of these brands, we’ll display the ones that will sell, and the rest will be donated.

Examples of discount brands:

Target, Old Navy, Kmart, H & M, Cherokee, Classic Pooh, Little Wonders, TKS, Faded Glory, Genuine Kids, Xhilaration, etc…

What not to consign

  • Car Seats older than 4 years
  • Stuffed animals that are not new with tags
  • Bottles, pacifiers and feeding plates/spoons that are not new in packaging.
  • Anything recalled or hazardous; please check your items at

By dropping your items in the store, you have agreed to all our policies, terms and conditions

All items accepted for consignment will be handled with reasonable care.  Baby Chic NY is not responsible for losses due to fire, theft, or any other casualty or peril.